About LaCat

I have always felt a special connection with animals. Growing up in Northern Ontario where nature is an essential part of life, provided me with the opportunity to raise and care for many types of animals over the years.

Founding LaCat Dolls was an important step for me, and I now spend my time devoted to raising healthy, well loved, cats and kittens. While Ragdolls are my passion, travel has also been an interest. I have lived in Europe, the United States, and visited many other countries. I am a University graduate and have a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Anthropology.

LaCat Dolls is a small in-home cattery where complete attention is given to the needs of the cats and kittens who share our home. Ragdolls are intelligent, affectionate cats that have a demeanour of gentleness and trust and devotion with their human companions. I would be remiss not to include in their description the word “sweetness”. If you have never before experienced the pleasure of meeting a Ragdoll, you will be in awe of their extra soft and silky bunny-like fur coats, their deep blue eyes to drown in, and an aura of utmost innocence that begs for your attention. Experience the love of a Ragdoll!

Kingston National Show February 2016
(Photo courtesy of The Whig Standard)

LaCat Dolls Hello Hazel and Sweetest Lil Pea
London Pawsitive Paws show October 2015
photo: courtesy of Gary Hall.